All of our products and applications developed on demand were for the security of information. We only work with safe and tested services to provide the highest possible reliability to our customers.

What are you doing to keep your phone safe?
  • All documents and media files are saved in the application's internal folders. By default, Operating Systems (Android, iOS) do not allow other applications or services to access these files.
  • All data is saved to a local database, also stored internally in the application.
  • Authentication keys are written to this database and are changed from time to time for greater reliability.
How is communication between the application and server made?
  • All communication is made over HTTPS using an SSL type 1 certificate.
  • All communication uses a validation Token that is renewed at each authentication.
  • The file transfer is done by the S3 SDK (Amazon Storage Service) which also has SSL and encryption.
And the security on the server, how is it done?
  • AWS cloud services can only be accessed internally and by a service that has previously configured service. This means that the database, for example, can only be accessed by our service.
  • Documents and media files (images and videos) are saved encrypted and can only be accessed with 2-level authentication.

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