All of our infrastructure is hosted on Amazon's cloud services called AWS (Amazon Web Services). In addition to being one of the largest cloud services in the world, with customers such as Netflix, Dow Jones, SIEMENS, Abobe, Samsung, among others, it offers us flexibility in a reliable, high performance environment.

What AWS services do you use?
  • Amazon EC2 (Virtual Servers in the Cloud)
  • Auto Scaling (Allows load balancing)
  • Amazon S3 (Document and Media Storage)
  • Amazon SNS (highly scalable and managed push messaging)
What are the advantages of using AWS?
  • Reduces the time required to get and initialize new instances of the server in minutes, allowing you to rapidly scale the capacity for more and less.
  • The service runs within Amazon's proven datacenter and network infrastructure.
  • Amazon guarantees 99.95% availability for each region.
  • Security, files stored on Amazon can only be accessed by your own network, and by services previously configured
Becoming a YAT customer paid for these Amazon services?
The monthly value of our products already includes the services we use, but some like S3 (File Storage) have a deductible depending on the contract, the use that extrapolate the deductible will be charged in the subsequent month.
Can I have my own environment in AWS?
Yes, some of our customers prefer to have their own environment in AWS, so the customer becomes responsible for the management and configuration of the environment. The customer also pays Amazon directly for the infrastructure costs of their application. Consequently you will have your monthly YAT magazine. The downside is that our updates had to be sent to the customer for them to send to Amazon which causes a delay in relation to our other customers.

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