Application Development

In the face of the know-how we have acquired in these years of application development, we have started an on-demand consulting and development service for applications in a wide range of areas. Always working with the latest technology and a lot of sophistication, we design your application with a security focus And the best usability. Our customer's success is our satisfaction.

What are the technologies used?
  • Our back-end services are done in HTML5 and ASP MVC using well-tested and well-tested tools in the market.
  • Our services are done in Web API, using a framework developed by YAT that generates more productivity and security.
  • Our applications are developed in Xamarin®, but if necessary they can be done in the native language of each platform.
  • Besides all this there is a great game of components and frameworks already developed by YAT to meet the most diverse situations.
Which platforms does YAT work with?
  • Android- From version 4.0.1
  • iOs- From version 8.3
  • Note 1: We are already working to meet Windows devices, but still not mature enough, and our focus is on excellence.
  • Note 2: Development is possible for previous versions as mentioned above, but many of our features will not be available. Therefore it is not advisable.
Can you name some examples of applications you have made?
  • Web Dental:
    Application with the purpose of showing information management of dental clinics. The application is integrated into a clinic management system called WebStats B.I., with the user is able to view graphs and tables with information about the clinics he manages.
  • Flamengo – Sócio torcedor:
    Application commissioned by CSM® company responsible for the management of the Flamengo supporter. The application is integrated into the current membership management system and will allow the user to view your data, watch news, watch videos and track your club's games. In addition, the application will allow the purchase of tickets directly from the cell phone.

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