Retagurda (Backoffice)

The back-up service is a system made available to the company to enable the management of the functionality and content of all YAT © contracted products.

  • Available on the Web platform, it can be accessed from any device (PC, notebook, tablet, mobile, etc.) that has a web browser. Currently, the back-end system is optimized to be accessed through the Google Chrome browser, which is free and easy to install. For this reason, it is recommended to use this browser to use the system.
  • The system also provides the company with the ability to monitor the use of contracted products as well as statistics on them, assisting in the decision-making process.
How it works?
  • After hiring any of the products, the person in charge of the company will receive a user and password of the back system with administrator profile, as well as a personalized link to make the access.
  • After the first access, informing the credentials received, the rear user will have access to all resources made available to the company and can start the system customization process.
  • If multiple people in the company need to access the system, it is recommended that a back-end user be created for each. Sharing the back-up system access credentials, especially credentials with an administrator profile, is not recommended in any situation. This practice opens a breach of security that can compromise the data and the correct operation of the services hired by the company.
  • When creating a new back-end user, you can define whether the user has an administrator profile (full access) or a limited profile, selecting which services and actions the user will have access to (viewing, editing, or administering the service).
  • Each back-end user, holding his or her unique access credential, may access and perform the actions granted to him by an administrator user.
  • Back users can access using the system in different languages, such as Portuguese, English and Spanish.
What are its main features?
  • Configure the system appearance (logo, background).
  • Create and manage new back-end users, including password access and recovery permissions.
  • Manage application users, including file import and maintenance, password recovery, and activation and removal of access.
  • Record the settings of each list screen, such as fields to be displayed, positioning and sorting, according to the needs of each user, in order to maximize your experience with the system.
  • For each product contracted, new access menus will be displayed for the management of the same.
  • Realization of Customer Service in Call Center format if the product has been contracted.

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