Y Tasks (preview)

Corporate tool that has the objective of controlling and monitoring activities carried out in your company. Based on the Kanban model (one of the most used in the world), it allows simple and intuitive management of people and activities.

How it works?
  • The company defines the frameworks (workflow) that will be used.
  • The company defines which users participate in each frame.
  • The company defines whether users can create activities or whether this will be the company's responsibility.
  • The company has total management over the activities, regardless of who created them.
  • The company can leave a free activity so that any user related to the board takes ownership.
  • The user can interact with activities related to him as well as free activities.
  • The activities follow the flow defined by the table.
  • One or more users can be defined as board administrators. These may interact with any activity, and may even change the related user.
  • Every step of an activity generates logging for tracking.
What interactions can the user do with the activity?
  • Comment (text attached to the activity).
  • Remove comment (only on comments made by it).
  • Attach Media (attach photos and videos to activity).
  • Attach Documents (attach PDF, Word, Excel to activity).
  • Move Activity (follow or rewind in the activity stream defined in the frame).
  • Change Status (change the current activity status, which may include completion percentage).
What are the benefits?
  • Flow of your company's activities in the palm of your hand.
  • Organization of activities so that everyone involved understands their role.
  • Maximize the use of resources, since you can easily identify idle resources.
  • It helps to quantify the time spent for each type of activity, so that your company can propose more and more successful deadlines
  • Helps you quickly identify problems or bottlenecks in your activity flow.

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