Y Quizz

Corporate tool for generating sketches with the purpose of gathering information from its customers and thus improving the products and services of your company. The tool can also be used to apply tests or assessments of knowledge in Quizz format.

How it works?
  • Polls or quizz are generated in the form of multiple choice question / answers.
  • They can be targeted to specific groups or globally to all users.
  • The returns of the data collected come back tabulated and in the form of management reports.
  • The result may or may not be disclosed to the participants, and this parameter should be defined in its creation.
What is the difference between Poll and Quiz?
  • Survey:
    It does not have the right answer, it is used to gather customer opinions. The result is the sum of the user's answers on each question.
  • Quizz:
    It is a questionnaire where the answers are validated and a result is generated for each user.
What are its main features?
  • The company can create a new poll or quizz.
  • The company defines which format will be used (poll or quizz).
  • The company defines if there will be a presentation before the questions (image or video).
  • The company defines the questions and answers.
  • In case of quizz the company defines which answer is the correct one for each question.
  • The company defines the duration of the poll or quizz.
  • The company defines whether the user will have access to the result.
What interactions can the user do with the activity?
  • The user can click on the notification of new poll or quizz.
  • The user can select a poll \ quizz from the list.
  • The user views the presentation if it exists.
  • The user responds to the questionnaire.
  • If it is configured to display the result the user is taken to the respective screen.
  • If the poll / quizz has been set to display the result it remains in the list even after it has been answered, but only for viewing the result. Otherwise it is removed from the list.

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