Y News

Communication tool between the company and the users through advertising of texts, photos, videos (for download or via Youtube). This tool can either be used for internal communication (warnings, campaigning, event registration) or for public access as a marketing tool and / or feedback.

What are its main features?
  • Create Text, Image, Video or Youtube post.
  • Set the date and time that this post will be posted.
  • Set date and time for post expiration.
  • If the post has both text and image, you can configure where the text should be displayed.
  • Configure the interactions that the user can have with this publication.
  • Configure the action that must be taken to the user to click on the post.
  • A post can be highlighted for a certain period.
  • The order of highlighted posts can also be configured.
  • A post can be targeted to all users or a group previously registered.
  • It is also possible to make a specific post for marketing (Banner), in that format it should always be an image and when clicked by the user will direct you to the configured link.
What interactions can the user do with the post?
  • Click (corresponds to the action configured on the post)
  • Like (where the user positively signals the post)
  • Dislike (where the user negatively signals the post)
  • Comment (short text attached to the post)
  • Remove comment (only in comments made by him)
  • Share (sending media to other applications)
What actions can be configured for a post?
  • Details (points to a screen containing all post information).
  • External Link (points to a previously configured Internet address).
  • Internal Link (directs to an internal screen of the application).
  • Full screen (open the image, video or youtube in full screen).

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