Y Chat

Robust and scalable corporate communication tool unifies communication between your company's employees and enables a secure channel for sending documents.

What are its main features?
  • Exchange of text messages between users.
  • Attachment of media files (photos and videos).
  • Annex documents (PDF, Word, Excel)
  • Take and send photos.
  • Record and send videos.
  • Confirmation of receiving and reading messages.
  • Forward messages and attachments to users or groups.
  • Copy the messages to the clipboard
  • Storage of attached files in a safe place.
This product still has 2 more modules that can be configured at the customer's request:
What is Customer Service?
This module allows the user to open a channel of communication with the company, where it will perform the service by a back-up system.
What are the functionality of Customer Service?
  • The company can previously set up subjects for these services.
  • The company configures which people can perform the care in the rear system.
  • The user can request a service, when and how many times it is necessary.
  • The attendant can perform several calls at the same time.
  • The attendant can transfer the service to another sector (subject) whenever necessary.
  • The attendant can add comments to the service (which are only displayed at the rear).
  • The clerk may cancel or terminate a service (if warranted).
  • The user is notified of each change in their requests.
  • The user can cancel their requests (as long as the service is still open).
  • All calls are stored for future reference.
What is User Group Management?
There are 3 types of groups:
  • Internal:
    Groups created by the company where it manages the participating users.
    This type of group has numerous configurations such as hours of operation, GPS monitoring, among others that will be listed in the rear service.
  • Public:
    Groups created by the company where the user associates through a search.
  • Private:
    User-created groups where it manages the participating users.
What are the features of the group?
  • The user can join a public group (a confirmation may be required).
  • The user can create a new group.
  • The user can leave the group (except for internal groups, where the definition is made by the company).
  • The creative user can add and remove other users.
  • Users can view group information (status, participants).
  • The company can block a group for the reason it needs.

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