About Yat©


YAT® is a technology company specializing in mobile systems, created in early 2014 to create products that solve communication management problems and general business activities, wherever they may be.

In August 2015, after conducting market studies, we registered the copyright of a corporate platform, and launched the first version of the product bearing the name of the company, YAT®, which already has national and international recognition.

Each day we are evolving our platform, which always captivates our customers and partners, with more tools, technology and security.


·         Make our customers have full control of your company's activities in the palm of your hands.

·         Increase our customers' profits and vision.

·         Reduce the cost of our customers by streamlining processes and avoiding wasted resources.


To make our products and platforms a reference in Brazil and in the world in mobile systems, allowing the use in diverse companies and market segments across the globe.


Commitment, honesty, transparency, respect, agility, focus on results and participative management.